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Psychotherapy Services

Tailored to Your Needs

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Psychologist Session
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Individual Therapy

I believe that people are intrinsically resilient. I will work with you to tap into this inner strength so that you can make meaningful changes in your life. Together, we will work toward navigating difficult transitions, improving the quality of your relationships, and developing more effective coping skills. I will help you “re-frame” your reactions and provide you with valuable tools to tackle life’s obstacles.

Couples Therapy

Humans are wired for connection and when the main relationship in our life is strained it can leave us feeling anxious, depressed, and generally unhappy.  The good news is that these connections can be repaired and reinforced.  In my couples sessions we will work on effective communication between you and your partner and the deepening of your connection.

Family Therapy

Sessions focus on aiding families in developing more effective, less stressful patterns of living. Family therapy is an active type of therapy; family members may be given assignments to complete and skills to practice outside of sessions. Therapy may include all family members or just those able or willing to participate. Not all members of the family may be required at each session.

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